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Saturday, September 23, 2023


STAFF EDITORIAL: Playing phone tag with Khator: ‘You’re it’

Perhaps UH President Renu Khator will again be available for comment some time soon.

After all, students and faculty members have several concerns that they would like to see addressed. These include book loans, general commencement and pay raises for faculty. They wouldn’t mind hearing Khator’s opinion on such matters and any solutions, if she has any.

The Daily Cougar would also like to hear from Khator – in person. Instead, we receive mostly statements from press releases or e-mails that are forwarded to us from the University’s media relations staff.

As the eyes and ears of the campus, The Daily Cougar serves as one of the main conduits of information between the administration and the students. When serious issues arise that affect students, they bring their concerns to us. In turn, we try to get a response from the higher-ups in the administration, particularly Khator.
That’s easier said than done.

In May, The Daily Cougar e-mailed Khator about a possible face-to-face meeting with incoming Editor-In-Chief Matt Miller. Karen Clarke, the associate vice president for University relations, sent a reply that said a meeting would be scheduled. No such meeting was scheduled, and further attempts to set up meetings and interviews went unanswered.

Sure, Khator sat down with one of our reporters to discuss Proposition 4 for an article that was published Sept. 16. She’s also good for an occasional appearance in a classroom or at a football game.

But when it comes to granting interviews about more immediate concerns, such as book loans, general commencement and faculty raises, Khator is good for only a lackluster statement, or nothing at all.

The Daily Cougar understands that Khator has a busy schedule and can’t grant every reporter an interview. However, there are some issues around campus that simply cannot be reported adequately without Khator’s input.

Students, faculty and staff, as well as The Daily Cougar, have plenty of questions. We’re guessing Khator has some answers.

Our ears are wide open.

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