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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Religious groups seek to support students, each other

Last semester, a UH student set out on a mission to unite the religious ministries of Rice University, Texas Southern University and UH.

Inspired by UH alum Vince Harding’s Love Project survey ministry, consumer science and merchandising’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ sophomore Zachary Nunn had the vision to advertise other ministries in an effort to unite ‘the body.’

‘The name of the ministry is Striving to be Like Christ, and I would best describe the organization as a servant ministry,’ Nunn said. ‘Rather than a ‘come see’ attitude, we have a ‘go tell’ attitude.’

Striving to be Like Christ is seeking to build lines of’ communication between the ministries at UH, Rice, & TSU.’

Nunn said this can be achieved through e-mails, bi-monthly meetings, and a monthly meeting.

Ministries United is another organization that seeks to bring people together in a similar way.

‘The sole purpose of this ministry is to unite all ministries that believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ,’ psychology senior Riz Washington said.

Ministries United has ties to Rice and TSU as well, and they strive to support other ministries in any way possible, whether through physical help or prayer.

‘In our physical bodies, if the lungs are not gathering enough oxygen, the heart compensates by pumping harder and faster to keep our bodies going until the lungs cannot handle it,’ Rice student Ashlee Johnson said. ‘There is supposed to be that same kind of delicate balance in the body of Christ,”

Johnson also said it is important for believers to support each other because they are all eventually going to fall short.

‘By support, I mean holding each other accountable and counseling each other in weak moments,’ Johnson said. ‘We have to know when our brothers and sisters need help.’

On Monday, prayers for unity may have been answered.’

Campus ministries from Rice, TSU and UH were invited to a program entitled Death of Religion, which was held in the A.D. Bruce Religion Center at 7 p.m.

‘The program is a focus on the futility of seeking heaven instead of seeking a relationship with God,’ Nunn said. ‘At the same time, the goal is to further unite the campus ministries of Rice, Texas Southern, and the University of Houston.’

‘ For some, this program is a chance to build relationships with new people.

‘Finally we will be able to meet the brothers and sisters we never knew before, and it will increase our support systems,’ Johnson said. ‘This Bible study calls for people to be willing to come out of their comfort zones and interact. It does not matter what school they go to, as long as he or she is a Christian first.’

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