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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


GUEST COMMENTARY: Student conduct Saturday was out of hand

What the Cougar football team gained in respect this past Saturday, UH students lost due to their conduct, both before and during the game. My wife and I attended the game as students ‘- our first time attending a game at Robertson Stadium. We both completed our undergraduate studies at the University of Texas, and we know what fan-to-fan hostility is like. I have received much of that hostility as a former Longhorn Band member.’

We found the conduct of the UH students to be shameful. People were using hateful language toward Tech fans, students were drunk before the game began, and there was excessive pushing and shoving both in the stands and in the line going into the stadium. ‘

It’s great to have a winning football team, but if your attitude is crass, inhospitable and makes even members of your own fan base feel unsafe and abused, what have you really gained? Tech fans are guests, not infidels. Quality football teams should have quality fans, and personal conduct is more important than winning. We expected better from the UH student body.

To UH athletics, I would like to acknowledge a faithful effort in trying to keep things secure and orderly. I would constructively criticize you, however, for allowing far too many students into the game than the seating availability could accommodate. We were in the stadium an hour before the game and there were no more seats for students.’

It is far better to give out fewer student tickets so that every student attending can appreciate the game. My wife and I could only enjoy watching it at a restaurant after leaving the stadium.’

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