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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Online ballot a viable option for voters

Proposition 4, a new amendment for making public universities better without raising taxes ‘- is it a figment of the world’s imagination?

This proposition would push seven Texas public universities to hoist themselves in league with the big guys.’

What will Proposition 4 do for Texas, and more specifically, for UH?

For starters, it will help create more flagship universities in Texas. This will bring new higher-paying jobs while using existing state funds to sponsor the cost.

That means no new money and no new taxes. Proposition 4 relies on the National Research University Fund (NRUF) to make funds available to the seven proposed universities: UH, Texas Tech, the University of North Texas and the UT schools at Dallas, El Paso, Arlington and San Antonio.

If these universities attain flagship status, they would have access to a $500 million education fund to help subsidize their research. This would ensure a rise in prodigy professors competing to teach at more Texas institutions, which will expose the students to first-rate faculty.

The communities that have institutions with flagship status are known to be more economically stimulated. Economists estimate that every $10 million spent in research at a university creates 334 new jobs, and adds $8.6 million to the local economy.

The question still lingers about the defunct education fund that Texas scraped together years ago. Does the state have the actual money? It seems a little far-fetched, especially during this miserable recession. The state has used money from every active fund to balance the budget, but has it left this $500 million untouched?

On paper, Proposition 4 seems flawless, and the ‘no new taxes’ propaganda is very appealing. On Nov. 3rd, 2009, Texans will vote on 11 new state constitutional amendments. If approved, Proposition 4 will be a good advancement for education, given that the law has no hidden fine print.’

Regardless of any catch, students should be in favor of Proposition 4, as it would at least increase the value of their degree.

Texas has only three flagship universities, a low number compared to the other states. This could bruise a Texan’s pride, as everything should be bigger and better in Texas.

Let’s change those light bulbs college-style, Log on to to vote ‘for’ Prop 4 from Oct. 19-30 or on Election Day Nov 3! One day perhaps the Economy’s bud of the lone star society is going to blossom. Let’s put the ‘YEEHAW’ back in the Texas education system.

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