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Friday, September 29, 2023


Ban of student athlete for tweeting excessive

‘ ‘Wondering why I’m still in this meeting room when the head coach can’t even be on time to his meeting,’ Texas Tech senior linebacker Marlon Williams said via his Twitter account.

This tweet, along with others made by team captain and offensive lineman Brandon Carter, led coach Mike Leach to ban his students from using Facebook, Twitter or MySpace during sports related events.’

Carter’s statements, which cannot be recovered, were so severe that he has been suspended from the team indefinitely.

UH may not be Texas Tech, but this concerns students here, too. Many UH students are both heavily involved with organizations and part of social networks.’

For some students, these networks offer ways to connect with friends and families and outlets for their frustrations.

‘ The conscious thought that goes into what students post is often minimal. They update their status with whatever is on their mind, not considering who will read it.’

The Tech players showed poor judgment and a lack of team spirit by insulting their coach and teammates.’

But banning them from social networking altogether is too severe. Social networks have become part of students’ everyday lives. These Web sites allow students to connect with one another and stay connected to their schools.’

When used positively, they are a fantastic way for players to connect with fans. Yes, a punishment is necessary for the indiscretions, but in this case, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime: Leach should reevaluate his terms.

Perhaps Leach should take a page out of the NFL’s book. In August, the NFL banned players and media from updating their Twitter accounts before, during or after games.’

As for Carter, he appears to be taking the high road.’

He showed up at his team’s game last weekend, cheering his teammates on with spiked hair and a painted chest.

‘ Fellow students and teammates say he’s a valuable asset to the team. Leach has been vague about Carter’s return, but considering it’s Carter’s last season and he is a proven commodity on the field, Leach should swallow his pride.

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