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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Success not without hurdles for Obama

President Barack Obama has yet to pass a health care overhaul bill. Actually, he has yet to even have the bill go untouched, as details have seen several revisions.’

Obama’s lack of success is not primarily because of one dilemma or obstacle, but many.’

One of his biggest is cost. After evaluation, the Congressional Budget Office has sent back his overhaul proposal. For Obama and Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the result was hopeful. The CBO confirmed that the overhaul would satisfy the president’s main goal – not adding to the government deficit.

‘The budget office said the bill would reduce deficits by a total of $81 billion in the decade starting next year,’ The New York Times’ Robert Pear and David M. Herszenhorn reported Wednesday.

If the overhaul is expected to save $81 billion in 10 years and doesn’t add to the deficit, people should be on board, right?’

They’re not.’

Many conservatives find the CBO analysis to be futile, and some Democrats also remain skeptical. In the past, the opposition coming from the president’s own party was mainly regarding policy strength issues, though others were concerned about cost and coverage.

‘Several wavering Democrats and one Republican, Sen. Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, had said they would be influenced by the budget office report,’ Pear and Herszenhorn wrote.

Delays in progress are also because of myths. Illegal immigrants receiving health care benefits, the government driving the private market into bankruptcy and an unsatisfactory quality of care are all things the overhaul is accused of accomplishing.’

Other Republicans take it a step further with cynicism, believing Democrats will write the ‘real’ bill in secrecy.’

Regardless of the validity of the right’s claims, the biggest obstacle is timing. Obama’s presidency faces not only the enormous issue of comprehensive health care overhaul, but also a suffering economy and an eight-year war that shows no signs of resolution in the near future. His desk is full of urgent issues, which he must solve in a careful yet timely manner.

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