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Sunday, September 24, 2023


Fighting Words: What about the Texans?

Salomon Fuentes: We need a big-name coach

If the Texans finish worse than 9-7, Kubiak has to go. Have the Texans gotten some bad breaks? Sure. They are a couple of good goal line possessions from maybe being 4-1. Part of being a head coach in the NFL, however, is being accountable.

Four seasons without a winning record, much less a playoff appearance would be unacceptable. Kubiak’s decision to stay in-house and promote Frank Bush to defensive coordinator could very well be his undoing, as the team continues to allow opponents to score at will. Some of that is a talent issue, but Kubiak certainly has input on that too.

If he does get the ax, there are several good options to replace him, including Super Bowl-winning coaches Brian Billick, Jon Gruden, or maybe Bill Cowher ‘- if he’s interested. I’m definitely willing to let Kubiak play out this season, but after four years to get the right players and coaches in place, I have no mercy for him if the Texans finish without a winning record.

Keith Cordero Jr.: I want my Marty-ball

I say regardless of how the Texans finish, 2-3 through five games is just average. Kubiak has to be better than average, and with the talent this team has, average won’t cut it in the NFL.

Kubiak should be fired as soon as possible to give the team a wake-up call. Look at the Colorado Rockies, who went from 12 games under .500 to a wildcard playoff berth this season after they fired Clint Hurdle and hired Jim Tracy.

Salomon Fuentes, neither Brian Billick nor Jon Gruden is the choice to replace Kubiak. You need to dig deep and call up Marty Schottenheimer, former head coach of the Chargers, Browns and Chiefs. Three seasons ago in San Diego he went 14-2, and I believe he still has the drive to come back to the NFL and lead a team.

The honeymoon is over for Kubiak, and Matt Schaub is a real hit-or-miss quarterback. The team’s inability to punch it in from the goal line is terrible, and this past weekend’s example should be the last straw.

Tristan Tippet: Bring in a defensive-minded leader

You guys are dreaming if you think any of the highly respected coaches you’ve mentioned would suddenly have the urge to come to a boring organization like the Texans. Unless you give them an expensive contract or total control, they’ll prefer to have their ugly mugs on television.

The Texans are off to a bad start, and Kubiak will probably be canned for not living up to expectations. But going back to last year, the offense has certainly gotten better under Kubiak. The Texans have consistently put up 300 passing yards, even with a poor running game that’s just starting to improve.

Unfortunately, their defense gets made into mincemeat and picked apart. Even with decorated stars Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans, the Texans are at the bottom in pass and rush defense. The Texans would struggle against Alabama’s offensive line the way they get pushed around. The team’s best chance is to hire a defensive coordinator ‘- perhaps Dallas’ Wade Phillips when he gets fired ‘- or at least somebody who’ll rush the passer with Mario, because their secondary is as much of a joke as their so-called ‘zone coverage.”

Judge Phillipe: Coaching change could be in order

OK, I’ll just get right into it ‘- Marty Schottenheimer? Are you serious? The guy is as old as the game itself and has been out of football since 2006. Some of the other names I can understand, but ol’ Marty was just a reach.

Onto the real arguments.’

Salomon, you raise the same point that many fans do. Three consecutive 8-8 seasons would be absolutely unacceptable, especially given the parity of today’s NFL. Miami went from 1-15 to the playoffs in one year, and it had as much to do with coaching as talent.

Tristan’s rebuttal that these ‘big-name’ coaches would rather collect TV money than coach an 8-year-old franchise that is still in expansion mode is valid. These coaches want to take over an instant contender, and the Texans are still not there. The influence of a defensive-minded head coach may be what this team needs. After all, it’s been proven that defense wins championships, and that’s what this team is lacking right now.’


‘ Tristan wins a close one, only because I cannot allow myself to win back-to-back weeks.’


Can anybody play with Tiger? I mean seriously.

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