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Sunday, September 24, 2023


STAFF EDITORIAL: Congress should protect rights for all citizens

There is and always will be tension created by religious beliefs and democratic values. This is why the framers of our Constitution instilled in the government the principle of separation of church and state.’

That principle applies no less to the issue of same-sex marriage than to any other. The apparent answer between religious dogma and the support for equal rights for every family lies in the realization that marriage has a significant religious meaning for most, but that it is also a binding legal contract. It is the legalities, not the religious issues, that are now being debated.’

The Roman Catholic Church does not recognize or sanction divorce, so a second marriage between two people is invalid. Our government, however, recognizes the rights of divorced people to re-marry by extending to them the same protections granted to any other American citizen.’

Therefore, a church, temple or mosque remains free to establish its own teachings on that dimension of marriage, while the government must uphold equality under law.’ If not, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community will experience the same bigotry and hatred that African Americans experienced in the 20th century, and what the Jews experienced in Nazi Germany.

Granting rights to the LGBT community as citizens of the U.S. would not require Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any other religion for that matter, to perform these marriages on their premises or even discuss the issue.’ This is re-affirmed by Cara Wilson, a lesbian and mother of three.

‘How do you break it to a child that the land of the free does not allow us to be free to be a legal family?’ Wilson said. ‘In my children’s pure, loving hearts, we are all the same.’

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