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Sunday, September 24, 2023


Why Proposition 4 matters

Nov. 3 is coming and although 11 propositions will be voted on, the most important for Houstonians and Cougars alike is Proposition 4.

Proposition 4 has been discussed in many ways for the past year on and around the UH campus, as well as throughout the city of Houston.’

As it pertains to UH (and seven other Texas public universities), Proposition 4 has been referenced in relation to flagship status.’

While the definition of flagship status is still unclear, what Proposition 4 could do for our University is clear as crystal.

Proposition 4 could help UH propel itself ‘out of academia’s minor leagues and run with the big dogs,’ the Houston Chronicle editorial board said in an Oct. 3 article.

‘The ballot language is impenetrable, in the way that our constitutional amendments always are. But the plan itself is easy to understand. The state has designated seven ’emerging universities’: The University of Houston – go, Coogs! – along with Texas Tech, the University of North Texas, UT-Dallas, UT-El Paso, UT-Arlington and UT-San Antonio,’ the editorial board said.

‘ ‘As those seven prove that they’re emerging still further, heading for the (flagship status) big leagues, they’d be allowed to tap into a $500 million education fund to help them go all the way.’

So Proposition 4 could bring UH more funds ‘- funds for a better University Center, a niftier (and hopefully flood-proof) UC Satellite, a new football stadium as well as extra funds for our athletic programs and, most importantly, more parking.

These modifications only begin to tap into the possibilities of what UH could use that money for. Tenured professors, more advertising for the school, national recognition and an all-around improved campus environment would also come with the rise to flagship status.

It could even make students’ degrees more valuable.

There are innumerable reasons to vote for Proposition 4, both selfless and selfish.

Vote for Proposition 4 for the younger Cougars who have the opportunity to have a more vibrant campus life. Vote for Proposition 4 for the national recognition of UH as a whole. Vote for Proposition 4 for UH’s colleges to receive extra funds and perhaps an extreme makeover.’

Even if only for selfish reasons, which aren’t necessarily bad, vote for Proposition 4 so your degree will be worth more.

Early voting for the amendment begins Oct. 19 and runs through Oct. 30. Regular voting will take place Nov. 3.

Do yourself and your school a favor. Vote.

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