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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Guy Expo craze reaches Houston

Power tools, sports trivia, wing-eating and a plethora of beer ‘- these are only some of the crazy antics that will go on at The Guy Expo this weekend.

Live music, celebrity appearances, weird contests and more that will remind us of what exactly makes us proud to be men.

This carnival of madness will bring to mind, for guys, the first time their moms let them go off on their own with best buds to do whatever they wanted. Only this time, it’s their wives or girlfriends who will have to let them go.

Everywhere you look, there will be grills, geeky gadgets, home theater equipment and as-seen-on-TV objects.

A Saint Arnold-sponsored Beer-a-Thon competition will also be held, in which visitors can sample six beers for $5 and vote for The Guy Expo Beer of the Year. A Hooters Novemberfest Beer Garden is also held, in which visitors can do more than just sample. You can’t beat it.

The Almost-Darwin Awards will be distributed to the most ridiculous and pathetic retellings of near-death experiences presented onstage in a humorous way.

The King’s Wing Contest challenges hungry participants decked out in Elvis costumes to try and win a free supply of wings for a year. An Elvis impersonator judges the contest, all in loving memory of the King and the day he left the building to take center stage in rock ‘n’ roll heaven.

Even the ladies are welcome to come and compete for the Miss Guy Expo contest.

The top three winners must do three things to the best of their ability: look good in a tool belt, short shorts and tank top, answer trivia questions about ‘guy stuff’ and last, but certainly not least, slam a beer. Bonus points are added for belching and agility.

Anything goes in this all-out guy-a-thon, so bring a buddy or two (or even 10) and a camera for hilarious Facebook photo opportunities, especially in the skillful beer stacking contest that will leave contestants walking away with a free supply of beer for a year.

Many other prizes can also be obtained for visitors who make complete idiots out of themselves. It’s basically like high school, but with prizes.

So, if you want to have a great weekend or just want to get out of the house, check out The Guy Expo. There is a myriad of guy stuff to see and do. This event beats any other in the category of guy-ness.

Sick, maybe; funny, for sure. But all of us men deserve a break.

Ryan Popham is a University Studies freshman and may be reached at [email protected]

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