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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Prop. 4 passed; flagship still off in the distance

You’ve heard about it all semester: talk around campus and all over the state of Texas about whether or not UH is ready for flagship status.’

On Tuesday, voters all over Texas cast their ballots for (or against) Proposition 4, an amendment opening funds sitting in an independent research university fund for up-and-coming research universities in the state of Texas.

‘ This gives schools like UH the opportunity to achieve a national status as a major research university like UT and Texas A&M.’

Many students and faculty members were delighted when Proposition 4 passed, but some people fail to share the enthusiasm.’

A recent political e-mail, written by Ronald Trowbridge, a retired University of Michigan professor, says that UH doesn’t deserve the money from the fund. Why? Because we have ‘mediocre scores at best’hellip; Why are we worried about brain drain?”

Trowbridge clearly hasn’t done all his research. The grant isn’t served to universities on silver platter; it’s hard-earned.’

In order to achieve flagship status, the University has to exhaust all of its resources to successfully reach five of the seven standards.

‘ Trowbridge also brings up the costs of the research fund in his e-mail ‘- the amendment clearly states that funding will come from a dormant endowment fund and won’t cost taxpayers a penny.’

The Dallas Morning News opposed the proposition, saying in an editorial, ‘the state should concentrate on awarding funds to the few institutions that are the closest to having [flagship] status, not spreading the funds to other schools who are still struggling to attain that elite status.’

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t like being called stupid, nor do I like being told that, because our campus hasn’t already reached the status of a flagship school, we shouldn’t be given the opportunity to do so.

Obviously students, faculty and administration have a lot to prove. Do we deserve this money? Can we reach flagship status?’

In order to do so, students must seek graduate degrees and standards on admission must be tightened.’ Members of the faculty must seek doctorates as well.’

The administration is going to have to focus on straightening its graduate and research methods, as well as reevaluating its funding and spending methods.’

‘ It’s a tough road ahead, but we can do it. We all have to prove that we are willing to do the work.’

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