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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Pink women-only taxis would provide little security

After years of male supremacy around the world, women’s rights activists are finally winning some battles.

Around the world, from Moscow to Dubai, women-only taxis are catching people’s attention. Many believe this is a good idea, so should our campus also join in on the fun? No.

UH could provide a pink security service for women, so that they would not have to walk alone to their cars in the evening. Having this type of protection might encourage some armed robbers to stay away, but there is one small problem: how can anyone spot an armed robber?

It’s paranoid to believe that everyone who walks near us when we’re alone in the evenings is a robber. If an actual armed robber noticed the pink security guard escorting a woman to her car, they might become discouraged.

Then again, they could also wait for the chance to strike once the guard was gone. The escort could be showing a robber his next victim.

Another concept UH could try is having a pink taxi or bus service to drive women to their destinations. This is a more reasonable idea since more women could travel around our campus without worrying about walking alone.

The only problem with this is that armed robbers could follow the schedule of the bus and wait to strike once victims are alone.

Dealing with armed robbery is hard, especially on a campus where students often don’t know who is another student walking to class and who’s not. Arming the pink taxis with an emergency button sounds like a good idea as well, but how long would it take for help to arrive? Could security come before the robbers got what they came for and left?

We could also arm the pink security or pink transportations with guns, but how long could that work? What if more than one armed individual robbed them? This would be an even greater problem, since an ‘alliance’ of armed robbers could form.

So what is the solution to these problems? Simply having more security officers around the campus would help.

Security should be the main priority of our campus. We should have at least one police car with two police officers in every parking lot during the evenings.

Having security patrol the less-frequently traveled parts of our campus could help as well. This might be expensive, but it would be worth it to improve campus safety.

Hugo Perez is a Spanish sophomore and may be reached at [email protected]

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