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Saturday, September 30, 2023


E-mails prove global warming a fraud

In the 1980s, scientists and climatologists around the globe began to sound the alarm of the impending catastrophes that would soon befall the world if man-caused global warming was not stopped.

The ocean would rise and engulf whole cities, hurricanes and drought would destroy civilization and every polar bear would wither and die.

These were the apocalyptic predictions of the scientific community and the world was told it was all based on fact.

How unfortunate for those same scientists that not only did their sky-is-falling forecasts not materialize, but that there is a real possibility that in their fervor to protect their theories, reputations and livelihoods, these so-called men and women of logic perpetrated the greatest and most expensive hoax in human history.

Last month, a hacker released thousands of e-mails from the inboxes of some of the leading proponents of global warming alarmism.

These e-mails are a clear example of a concentrated effort by believers in man-caused global warming to hide evidence that was contrary to their theory, blackball other scientists who were skeptical of our impending doom and even doctor their own findings to support their absurd theories.

In short, the scientists who urged the global community to follow them like lemmings over a cliff using ‘consensus’ and ‘facts’ as buzz words have neither consensus nor facts to back up their bogus claims.

In a mere 20 years, they have transformed science into a religion: man-caused global warming is based solely on faith.

After all, while carbon emissions have increased in the last 10 years, global temperatures have dropped, which contradicts the predictions made by the co-conspirators in scientists’ clothing.

During this debate, global warming skeptics have suspected that the science behind their theories was flawed and that many groups including the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and opportunistic scientists seeking grant money colluded to rig the game in their own favor.

The difference between a conspiracy theory and an actual conspiracy is whether there is a smoking gun.

These e-mails documenting the methods of fixing the science to fit the scientists’ template are the smoking gun.

The science is in, the debate is over and there is a consensus: man-caused global warming is a hoax.

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