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Friday, September 29, 2023

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FIVE MINUTES: Art major proudly leads on campus

David Dawkins, studio art painting senior

Eric Ward: So, you’re one of those art majors?

David Dawkins: Yes. I am not ashamed, even though we are known for wearing capes, talking in third person and wearing paint on our clothes.

Ward: Amazing. Do you partake in any of those wardrobe malfunctions?

Dawkins: No, I only wear white tees of righteousness.’

Ward: What do you want to do with your art degree when you get one?

Dawkins: Use my God-given talents to survey the culture and glorify Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I plan on using my ministry to reach as many people with the gospel by any godly means necessary.

Ward: What else do you do at school?

Dawkins: Since I consider UH my mission field, I help serve the people of this community the best way I know how, by making disciples of Christ and leading a Bible study full of ‘radical Christians.’ I, along with my (Men After God’s Own Heart) brothers try to show that as a disciple of Christ you can have a burning desire of love toward the people of the world and still be cool.

Ward: Who said you’re cool?

Dawkins: No one. I’m really not cool. Secretly, I am a nerd who paints all day, listens to sermons, reads the Bible and other books and doesn’t watch TV like John Piper, a pastor.

Ward: But nerds seem to be in now, right?

Dawkins: Nerds have always been in since eternity past. Blessed are the poor in spirit. In other words, without getting too much into the Greek, fortunate are the loser nerds who fall short of the glory of God.

Ward: How about those Coogs?

Dawkins: I love them! Go Coogs! Shout-out to No. 6 Andre Kohn, a man who truly has a heart for the people and truly cries for people who say they hate God.

Ward: What bowl should they go to?

Dawkins: The Cotton Bowl, in my dreams.

Ward: You have to wake up.

Dawkins: Yeah, I know, but if anybody ever asks who I am, tell them I’m a painter with a pen who drew the gospel of Jesus.

Photograph courtesy of Eric Ward

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