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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Why buy the book? Just read the blog

Looking for a good laugh? Some of the best writers can be found on the Internet as well as in the bookstore.

Bloggers Walker Lamond, Maddox , Tucker Max and Christian Lander have all put out books that have been based off of their blogs. The most interesting thing about these writers is the great material, most of which has been previously bound and sold at bookstores, that each gives to readers for free.

After going to these Web sites, if readers still want the feel of reading off paper, students have something else to do with their 500 printing pages at the library.

101 Rules for my Unborn Son

Young boys need rules, and unborn ones need more rules. Walker Lamond knows that there is no better place than on the Internet to find one-line philosophies in the form of a really long list. His blog offers readers a chance to get in a good laugh in the face of parenthood. Despite having the power to affect change in the life of their sons, Lamond affirms rules that usually go unsaid. For example, rule 405 states that “no one wants to watch you practice the guitar” or rule 258: “No vanity license plates.”  The Web site, which is comprised of 1,001 rules instead of the measly 101 available in the book, is easy to navigate, with interesting links about the author and archives of the all of his entrees.

The blog can be viewed at

The Alphabet of Manliness

Maddox’s Best Page in the Universe is different from his book, but it serves to be a good thing. Using the alphabet to structure his rants, Maddox expresses his offensive opinions on abortion, Mac users and Cameron Diaz. Along with his opinions, he also offers poorly drawn, but awfully humorous cartoons to compliment his articles. However, he has fallen behind on updating his Web site. With the most recent post from Aug. 8, 2009 – “I Hope I get swine” – the Web site is plain looking with links that send viewers to the related articles as well as some of his favorite fans’ blogs.

The URL for his blog is

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

With the new book Assholes Finish First on its way, Tucker Max, author of I Hope they Serve Beer In Hell, has already proven his blog a place for comical life stories of depravity. His Web site features several short stories about his drunken sex life and other misadventures.

Incredibly repugnant to any reader who does not find drunk people hilarious, the site doesn’t hold any punches. If viewers are not in the mood for an outlandish story, Max also offers several non-story entrees, like his Female Rating System and his Drunk Scale. The Web site is entreating and easy to navigate, so much so that it has the most advertisements on it and the fewest posts.

The blog can be seen at

Stuff White People Like

Author Christian Lander knows what white people like, and he serves to let the rest of us know. His blog and book prove this, with a listing style that is a lot like the 1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son (the Web site, not the book), abundant with comical one-liners. Instead of poking fun at parenthood, this blog pokes some fun at white people, with items such as “124. Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy” and “14. Having Black Friends.”

Unlike the 1,001 Rules, Stuff White People Like offers an explanation on why white people enjoy these items, places and people so much. This Web site is probably the most easy to navigate, because viewers can move to a link that shows a full list of what white people like. A site like 1,001 rules for my unborn soon could benefit from a feature like this.

The URL for his blog is

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