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Friday, September 29, 2023


Local merchants to receive air time

KUHF Houston Public Radio, in conjunction with the C.T. Bauer College of Business, has created a weekly radio segment focused on business issues around the Houston area, to begin Friday.

“Bauer Business Focus” will air Friday mornings on KUHF 88.7 FM at 8:35 a.m., as well as on HD Digital Channel 10 and online at www.kuhf.org on the Internet radio station KUHF News.

“The program will cover business that affects Houston,” KUHF business reporter Ed Mayberry said. “There are so many corporations and CEO’s (in Houston) with business expertise; it would be interesting to get into their heads.”

Mayberry will be the host of the program, while Bauer will locate individuals for interviewing on the segment. Dean of the Bauer College of Business Arthur Warga will be the first guest.

“They want to use the Bauer college of Business as a neutral arbiter to help find leaders in the business community or experts to discuss topics in business to inform the public about trends and developments,” Warga said. “Our college is in touch on a daily basis with many of the businesses in Houston. We see them in our building everyday, and we go and meet with them on a daily basis. We know who’s best to find to discuss a specific topic.”

Warga also said Bauer is always willing to do whatever it can to help the University.

KUHF broadcasts other businesses programs, but “Bauer Business Focus” will be one of the few programs to focus on Houston-based businesses and entrepreneurs.

“It’s directed at an audience that wants more information and in-depth reports on an understandable level,” KUHF station manager Debra Fraser said. “We want to look at what the big topic this week in business is in Houston. There is always something happening around the country, and those are covered by our other business segments like ‘Marketplace.’”

The concept of the program had been in the works since 2009.

“We have been talking (about the program) for about a year,” Fraser said. “Just from the inception of an idea, we’ve been through a few different forms.”

Warga said the concept of the program has evolved since talks first began.

“We had been talking to them for awhile about a much shorter series of pieces,” he said. “We assembled about twenty pieces in the past from our faculty.”

Warga said the original 90-second pieces involved information ranging from protecting trade brands to information on financial markets.

“Those would have been potentially daily (segments) but much shorter,” Warga said. “They came back to us with the proposal to expand it to the current format because they felt that there was a demand for something a little more in-depth.”

Fraser said she is excited about the new program and that the wide audience will be able to relate to the Houston community.

“We hope that this will help Houstonians and residents of Southeast Texas to have a better understanding of the community,” Fraser said. “I think that students have a natural curiosity for new information, so this might attract them.”

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