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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Individuality not good for military

Since this debate has been going on, I have not heard anyone explain why the military is opposed to gays serving openly in the military.

When I went through basic training, the drill sergeants thoroughly explained to all present that we were no longer black, white, Hispanic, Catholic, Christian, Jews or Muslims; we were now soldiers of the U.S., and uniformity was our key to survival.

Individuality is not conducive to the military environment.

Progressive movements are great for society, and gays should have the right to marry. However, letting any group have its individuality while the rest are forced to acclimate to the military way of life is not wise.

Civilians need to realize that their way of life will never be comparable to that of our soldiers. The military is not about me, me, me; it’s about the team as a whole getting the job done right and bringing everyone back alive. No differences should be allowed to divide the cohesiveness that is needed for our troops to be effective.

Let’s remember that the military is a place where it is a crime to talk harshly about the president. Not showing up for work or being derelict in your duties are punishable by death in times of war.

One would be wise to examine how uniformity and selfless service has made our military the strongest in the history of mankind.

Are we trying to fix something that is not in need of repair?

Cameron Dolezal is an engineering junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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