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Friday, July 19, 2019


Alumni commemorate 70 years

The UH Alumni Association will culminate its celebration of 70 years of serving and aiding alumni at its annual Alumni Awards Dinner on April 23. 

“We are honored to have spent the last 70 years serving and supporting the University of Houston,” UHAA Interim President and CEO Connie Fox said. 

For the last 70 years the UHAA has been providing scholarships, putting on programs for its alumni and cultivating Cougar spirit among its fan base. 

“By joining the Alumni Association, you are helping the UH achieve the flagship status it deserves, and you are helping to increase the value of your own degree,” Chairwoman of UHAA Board of Directors Judie Lilie said.

UHAA is looking for members to begin leading alumni programs in Dallas and Austin and around the country, for people to operate and support its tailgates and for new and fresh ideas for its magazine. 

Every year, UHAA gives approximately $150,000 away in scholarships to deserving students and offers opportunities to serve and volunteer with the Student Alumni Connection in Homecoming festivities, Frontier Fiesta, Operation School Supplies and more. 

“We listen closely to the needs of students and young alumni when deciding what programs to offer the Cougar community,” Vice President for Alumni and Student Programs Tonja Jones said.

This has encouraged more programs to assist students in finding jobs post graduation. The association is working closely with the Career Service offices and trying to offer networking opportunities like the Cougar Power House, Jones said.  

The UHAA has a healthy appreciation for its members.

“Our loyal members, constituent group leaders, dependable volunteers — they follow the footsteps of the movers and shakers who founded UH. They are people who have helped this university grow into the vibrant, acclaimed university that it is today,” Fox said.

Over the years, the UHAA has changed its name and location several times. The organization started the Ex Students Association, housed in a small building by the Student Services Center, but is now the University of Houston Alumni Association located in the Athletics/Alumni Center on Cullen Boulevard. 

“This began as an organization of passionate people and remains so today,” Fox said. 

The organization hopes to maintain its relevance and effectiveness in serving its alumni in spite of the changes that may come with time.

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