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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Staff Editorial

Metro not shedding light on possible rail line problems

MetroRail is making its way to UH, and if you believe the administration, everyone is happy about it.

But what often goes unmentioned are the problems MetroRail will bring to the University.

MetroRail is going to attract some unwanted visitors to a campus many students don’t feel is safe enough as it is. The rail will also bring traffic congestion — particularly during construction — and will remove a great deal of parking spots.

Students with disabilities will have a hard time moving around campus while construction is underway, especially those living in Cambridge and Cullen Oaks, where one of the lines is expected to go through.

In January, Metro officials came to UH to give a presentation explaining some of the things that would happen with the new rail lines. During this presentation, UH faculty, staff and students voiced some of these concerns and were given no response.

Student Government Association Vice President Prince Wilson said during an SGA meeting Wednesday that Metro officials have not been responsive to questions.

“There are many safety issues, but they are not listening to us,” Wilson said. “Metro officials don’t want to come back (to discuss them).”

Wilson said the Texas Medical Center has already filed several lawsuits against Metro.

According to a KHOU Channel 11 News report, one of the suits was for potential damage caused by electrical current leaking from the MetroRail line. Why does the University want a company that doesn’t care about its concerns conducting business on its campus?

If UH doesn’t make its voice heard, Metro is going to do whatever it wants with no regard to the University community. Having MetroRail run through campus could be a great thing, but only if it is done the right way.

Wilson said the SGA, Faculty Senate, Staff Council and UH President Renu Khator are aware of the concerns, and there is a committee in place to discuss these issues with Metro officials. The only problem is that they don’t want to listen.

Force them to listen by going to and making your voice heard.

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