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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Weather makes for gloomy outlook

Houston is known for its hot, humid weather during the summer and its fairly mild winters.

This season, however, the weather in Houston has been anything but typical.

In October, the chilly weather began to creep into town; the temperatures drastically dropped off as the months passed.

For most people in the Houston area, this type of weather is not something they are used to.

Back at the end of 2008, people were walking around town in short sleeves and shorts.

Toward the beginning of December, however, freezing temperatures and several inches of snow descended on the Houston area.

Not only have temperatures dropped this winter, but it also seems to be raining more often than usual.

The snow and rain in Houston has put a burden on the daily lives of its residents who are not used to such weather.

Slick streets and bridges make it difficult for drivers to navigate through the metropolitan area, which is constantly burdened with heavy traffic.

Students who have to walk around campus have been seriously inconvenienced by the weather.

The act of parking at UH is troublesome as it is, and having to walk around in the rain and cold weather just makes it worse.

Some are lucky enough to catch a ride on a shuttle bus, which are usually piled full with wet students.

Students who walk to campus have to hope that their umbrellas do not malfunction or that they can avoid getting splashed by a car driving through a puddle.

Once in class, it becomes noticeable how many students would rather not go through the hassle of coming to class in such miserable weather.

Many teachers offer incentives to students who made the effort to attend class.

The weather also takes a toll on professors, who for the same reasons as their students cannot or will not go to class.

For those who are fashion conscious, however, this is the perfect time to bring out all those winter clothes stuffed in the back of the closet.

But for everyone else, especially students who don’t own a vast winter wardrobe, the weather is burdensome.

On the bright side, though, with not many students attending class on rainy days, it’s pretty easy to find a parking spot.

Karen Ramirez is a psychology junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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