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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Student Government

Agenda aims to increase enthusiasm on campus

Catherine Roca, center left, and Sandrine El Hage, center right, flash some school spirit while attempting to drum up support for their campaign to lead the SGA’s 47th Administration. Roca is running for president, while El Hage is vying for vice president. | Courtesy of Catherine Roca

Campus safety, student cohesiveness and increasing school spirit are all issues Student Government Association presidential and vice-presidential candidates Catherine Roca and Sandrine El Hage want to improve.

Roca and El Hage said they encompass the passion and dedication needed to be successful leaders in SGA.

Roca and El Hage both said they are determined to transform UH’s non-conventional campus into a traditional campus environment while maintaining and embracing its diversity.

In regard to security, Roca and El Hage would like to reallocate the University’s resources to increase the number of officers patrolling the campus.

They said, if elected, they will work to increase the activity and visibility of the police force such as patrolling on bike and foot.

“Police officers should be a deterrent for criminals,” Roca said. “They should be there before the crime happens to prevent it rather than showing up to fill out the report.”

Roca and El Hage said UH lacks school pride and student cohesiveness, and this may be because it is a commuter campus.

In hopes to restore and build student unity, Roca and El Hage have founded the Pride Group. The group aims to reach out to students and incorporate University resources to bring awareness to issues most important to students such as the light rail, campus safety and parking.

“(The proper) steps to making UH a better school is by working with the students and their needs so that they will want to put on red everyday and be proud of the school they attend,” El Hage said.

Roca and El Hage said they will need to create an environment where people can work together to pass beneficial legislation to achieve cohesiveness among students.

“We are the positive energy that will bring this school together, starting with the (SGA) Senate,” El Hage said.

The candidates are in high spirits regarding UH’s quest for flagship status. They said it is imperative to work in conjunction with University administrators so UH can compete nationally for talented faculty and researchers.

Roca and El Hage, however, are not on board with raising tuition.

“I am all for the University becoming a tier-one university. I just want to make sure that this road is not paved on the backs of students,” Roca said. “I understand that this progress may make tuition increase, but I want to make sure the administration keeps in mind that this University is made up of non-traditional students who work for their education.”

Roca affirms that what she lacks in experiences is compensated by her passion.

“With my leadership and caring personality we can unite the (SGA) Senate and put our best foot, ‘or paw,’ forward for our fellow students,” she said.

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