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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Health care bill leads to political breakdown

Editorial cartoon drawn by Mishele Lamshing

In the attempt to pass highly controversial legislation to overhaul the nation’s health care system, supporters on either side have been effectively polarized into two groups: liberal and conservative.

Tensions run high among those in the so-called tea party movement, where some simply shut out everything their opponents have to say because he or she many have an “R” beside their name.

Just last week, Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, alleged that tea party protestors on Capitol Hill shouted racially charged epithets as he walked past them, one of which was the N-word, arguably the most offensive term used to refer to African-Americans.

Ultra-conservative factions such as the tea party may help when it comes to keeping checks on elected officials and preserving limited government, but recent events tend to present their political ideologies in a harmful light.

And then there are those who are dubbed “liberal,” who predominantly identify with the Democratic Party.

Many on this side of the political aisle hurl insults and names at their opponents. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats called town-hall protestors un-American when they expressed disagreement with the proposed health care legislation.

Democrats portrayed opponents of a public health insurance option as being in favor of maintaining the status quo and displayed blatant disregard toward the suggestions of Republicans and conservatives.

Not surprisingly, Democrats have attempted to pick apart the ideals of their political counterparts, instead of considering tort reform, tax credits and removal of state-line barriers in the health care insurance market as a collective set of measures to help extend coverage to the disadvantaged.

The word “liberal” has become so negatively charged that conservatives cringe upon hearing the word mentioned. The word “conservative” automatically implies that one is against any type of government whatsoever, and that he or she wishes to impose religious beliefs and principles on the masses through legislation.

A true American listens to their opponent and works with together with them to achieve the best compromise available. All people must maintain a mindset of impartiality and fairness in listening to the arguments of others.

It is detrimental to society when people allow adopted political belief systems to define them instead of defining it themselves.

Patrick Levy is a communication freshman and may be reached at [email protected]

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