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Sunday, February 25, 2018

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HHP Dept. joining CLASS

The Department of Health and Human Performance will move from the College of Education to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in the beginning of fall 2010.

“What HHP is doing, has evolved over the last few years into areas of research and training that are closer to Psychology and Communications Science and Disorders,” Provost John Antel said.

The decision for the move was for more than one reason.

“I was initially somewhat surprised, but upon learning more about the programs in the department, I could see various reasons for the fit with CLASS,” CLASS Interim Dean Cynthia Freeland said.

Freeland said they would arrange all the details for the transition in the summer.

The COE and CLASS both associate with research concerning health, which is a contributing factor to the transition.

“Some of the HHP faculty do research on health issues in relation to quality of life and social factors … they will find common interests with some of our faculty,” Freeland said. “Faculty in kinesiology already have a relationship with the Houston Ballet to study movement issues for professional dancers, and they will have a good fit with members of our faculty in the School of Theatre and Dance.”

With the move, the HHP may undergo some minor changes.

“Whether (CLASS) will have a unit with the same name depends on other decisions,” College of Education Dean Robert Wimpelberg said. “Dissolving HHP in the COE does not mean that all of the degree/certificate programs and their faculty currently associated with the COE Department will necessarily move to CLASS.”

Course requirements for the HHP will correlate with existing degree plans.

“Students in CLASS are required to take a combination of courses in disciplines outside their major, but most undergraduates in HHP already do this because of how their requirements are structured,” Freeland said.

Wimpelberg said that Antel and himself would make the final determination about which programs and faculty will move to CLASS.

“We are studying the nature of the program,” Wimpelberg said. “(This includes) how the students in them can best be supported and how they fit with the nature of programs already residing in each college.”

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  • JackGonzo

    Great, does this now mean those of us in HHP will now have to take 12 credits of a foreign language?

    • Dr. Rebecca Lee

      It seems likely that students who are already enrolled in HHP programs will continue to complete them using the same requirements that they enrolled under. Perhaps as we move forward, requirements may change for new students. Ultimately, all final decisions will reside with the Provost. This is a win-win for both COE and CLASS, and makes for another exciting set of possibilities in the future of UH.

  • HHPgrad

    I had no idea this was occurring! I am surprised more students weren’t involved. I guess I will have to start studying ballet!!! Will HHP be moving our of Garrison? The building is pretty much a disaster. I hope that CLASS has the money to come fix it up if we are not moving. It does not seem that the college or the department has really ever cared what the building and rooms look like.

  • ConcernedHHP

    I think Colleges/Departments rarely have any say regarding the state of their building, this is typically a donor thing. A couple of years ago, I think HHP had the top program in their field of study. Bottom line is facilities do not make a program, but they certainly can help. Not sure anything really changes for the students other than we graduate from a different college.

  • HHP Proud

    I am disappointed to learn that an announcement was made, with little details givem. Does this now mean that we will graduate with a B.A. in kinesiology rather than a B.S? What about the nutrition department. DOnt they need to have a B.S?

    The building question is an important one. If HHP physically moves, where will we go? They facilities are here… the department of education.

    • Building

      I see no reason for HHP to physically move since currently, they are housed in a facility to themselves. They are not physically connected to COE and there will be no need for them to physically connect with CLASS. Garrison is already somewhat tailored to HHP, not to mention that there is no empty building available to move to. If HHP or CLASS wanted to construct a completely new building, it would have to first be approved by administration. More important, it would require a monumental fund-raising effort to come up with the money for it.

  • HHP Proud

    I am disappointed to learn that a major announcement was made without any specific details. Whill we now graduate with a B.A. in kinesioloy rather than a B.S? Dont some program require B.S’s? (nutrition) The students need to know specifially what is going to happen to their department. The question about the facilities is a vital one. If HHP has to physically move, where will it go? The facilities are here, regardless of how out of date, they are here. What about the nutrition department?

  • HHPGrad

    Wow. What a sad thing. College of Education always treated us students well. The improvements to the facilities for student use were amazing over the years. I loved my classes with Dr. Bloom and Dr. Smith and Dr. Pearson.

    My friends who were in cl-ASS were always miserable as fuck with terrible professors and constantly having trouble getting anything done in the terrible cl-ASS facilities.

    Oh hey I see Rebitchy Lee wandered in. I am SO glad I managed to avoid ever having to take her classes. From what I heard from other students her bad attitude and hatred of students will fit in perfectly with cl-ASS.

  • Ex-HHP

    I graduated with my BS in Kinesiology last year and I loved being in the College of Education but will say I did not like a couple of the HHP professors. What does this do to my degree? What do I do if I tell a prospective employer what my degree is, and then they go look it up and say “hey wait UH doesn’t offer a BS in Kinesiology”? I probably lose the job. Or do I have to put “but UH just moved the department so they offer a BA now instead and it’s in a different college” on every job application?

    I agree with what other people are saying about CLASS. I never heard anything good about them from fellow students I knew whose degrees were there either. If the good professors stay with College of Education and the bad ones go to CLASS then I think maybe it’s still a win.

  • HHP Major

    I did not see this coming. There was no warning to students and no survey taken. Why is this happening? And with no explanation??? This may change the value of a degree form the HHP department… Thanks UH. AND some of the majors like nutrition, exercise science- these professions involve EDUCATING the public, so leave it in EDUCATION.

  • The Clarifyer

    It seems all the details of the HHP move to CLASS have not been worked out. Since space is limited all over campus, it seems extremely unlikely HHP will physically move. I also see that there are BS degrees in CLASS (see Psychology) so I wouldn’t suspect there is a concern a degree program that is currently a BS is likely to become a BA. Student in existing degree tracks always get to finish under the student catalog course work under which was in effect when they first came to the university.

  • HHP

    Students please be aware that as more details unfold, you will be notified. Students who are locked into their degree plans at this point (in other words, officially declared) will not have any changes made to their degree plans. There of course will be changes made to policies, procedures, and other things in the future. Keep in mind that this change to CLASS will take time, and as more details unfold, you will be notified.

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