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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Houston rappers join forces again

Local artists Paul Wall and Chamillionaire came together to film their music video and to promote their albums. | Courtesy of Steed Media Group

Nearly seven years after Chamillionaire and Paul Wall last hit a stage together in Houston — because of differences in their joint careers — the late Pimp C’s (of UGK) vision of reconciliation has finally become a reality.

The two have teamed back up to further their visions of Houston’s hip-hop culture.

Fans have been anticipating this reunion. The two began their journey together and were each other’s counterparts as their careers took off during the early 2000s. They released their joint album Get Your Mind Correct in 2003.

But as disputes surfaced they each opted to pursue separate careers.  Chamillionaire’s The Sound of Revenge and Paul Wall’s The People’s Champ both hit the mainstream market.

“Any beef or anything that’s going on, we’ve moved on and put it to the side (to) turn the music scene into a movement again,” Wall said.

Both have new albums set to drop this year, and each artist is featured on his former rival’s album. Chamillionaire is the first to begin shooting a music video for his new single “Main Event.”

“It feels real good to be back in the scene working with Chamillionare. That’s where it all started, me and Cham,” Wall said. “We’ve grown together, we came up in Swishahouse together, grindin’ together.”

Each has decided to overlook their differences in efforts to ignite new undeniable hits they bang out when their forces are joined — like the lyrically laced “In Love With My Money”.

“I’m real excited to just put it down for the home team,” Wall said. “We are leading by example and showing unity. We’re supporting each other, showing love to each other and putting all of our differences to the side.”

Chamillionaire is equally enthused to get their projects rolling and show the fans what they have in store for their reunion.

“It’s cool to come back around full circle and be working with Paul Wall. You also have Slim Thug and Dorrough out here too,” Chamillionaire said. “Me and Paul is just something special because of our history in the past.

“I’m just glad to be at this point, to be at peace with him and be cool with him and making music.”

The single is off of Chamillionaires’s new album Venom, which is due to drop this summer. He let up from his usual elaborate costumes and sets out to create an exposed visual of the city.

Where better to be shot than atop a downtown warehouse with a skyline view?

“A lot of people feel like they know Houston and have seen it in all. They’ve seen the cars and the candy paint, but we just trying to add a new fresh twist to it,” Chamillionaire said.

He also wants his album to reflect the newer, cooler version of himself.

“On this album I’m not trying to go too far to the left, I’m not trying to go too far to the right, and I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel,” Chamillionaire said. “I’m going straight down the middle, and I’m going so hard. Nothing but dope songs and freshness, that’s what Venom is.”

Chamillionaire still runs into people who aren’t aware he has changed his look up, tossing the braids and removing the grill, he said. His goal is to go viral with this single and refresh the public’s perspective.

As for Wall’s album, its title is exactly explanatory of the sound. A lot of artists these days give up too easily without putting up a struggle to stay afloat in the game, Wall said.

“Don’t be scared to work. I put in a lot of hard work, and I think you’ll be able to hear that reflected in my good music,” Wall said.

Bun B of UGK was present to show his support of the collaboration, as well as speaking on behalf of Pimp C, who is featured on Venom.  He is proud of the track “Naked Ladies”, which features and was produced by the late legend.

“I think it’s time to support each other; it’s no secret that Texas ain’t in the place it used to be,” Chamillionaire said. “We’re just trying to make the movement strong again, because it is.”

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