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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Fighting Words: All-star lineups

Andrew Taylor: There’s no problem here

All-star ballers like Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh have the power to demand their salaries and their desires as players. Money talks but so do trophies and rings.

The collaborations of these three guys to move according to a plan in which they all had a part in, showing that all three are on the same page; they want to win a title.

The NBA should not do anything about it other than grin like little spoiled kids on Christmas.

The stacking of these three will make for an interesting season, and it will also bring more excitement to the sport. When the three of these players are by themselves on separate teams they shine and make the highlight reels, but when they’re together they capture and dominate sports news.

Proof for all-star like teams is all around; you had the ’91-93 Chicago Bulls, the ’94-95 Houston Rockets and the ’09-10 L.A. Lakers.

Star-studded teams are positive for the sport.  They make the other teams clear underdogs and contribute to championships that become sporting spectacles.

The NBA was doing a favor for these three guys colliding together. Besides, if they hadn’t someone else would have made the call for them.

John Brannen: Puttin’ it down

No doubt Miami’s free agent heist has led to an increased amount of interest toward next season, and their new video game style team will surely get at least one championship. But Andrew and Keith’s “It’s good for business” mantra could lead to an era of miniature all-star teams, hurting the league’s level of competition.

LeBron’s departure means his MVP trophies earned since the Cleveland Cavaliers are likely to sink to the cellar of the NBA. It also means fans should get used to watching the Heat late into the playoffs, which will assuredly grow to be monotonous. Small market teams like the Charlotte Bobcats or Oklahoma City Thunder who have to claw their way into the playoffs, relying on one star player, are harmed.

I have to agree with Kevin Durant of the Thunder saying, “Let’s go back to being competitive.” Greats like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson said teaming up with their contemporary all-stars was out of the question.

With the level of ability all-stars bring, an even dispersion of them would lead to more intriguing matchups and a chance to see different teams win championships. Now from the looks of it, we’re going to be stuck with Miami for a while.

Keith Cordero: Things should heat up

The superstars have assembled in Miami as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh team up in South Beach and put their 17 combined all-star appearances on the court as the Heat look to win another title.

It’s been rumored that LCD (LeBron, Chris and Dwyane) have had the idea in the works going as far back as when they all came into the league back in 2003.  As Olympic teammates in 2008, they played together and produced quality statistics by spreading the ball around.

A coach can decide who fits well into his system, but if a star player wants to bring in a teammate that he can play with, I think it’s a great idea.

I’ve got to say, if players want to get together and make a team, especially a winning team of players they feel comfortable playing with, why not? An owner has to value who his stars believe are good players and players they can mesh well with on the court.

I like what the Heat has done this offseason, putting the three stars together then adding veteran role players all around to fill the roster. The NBA has nothing to fix; everyone will want to see the Heat play. And this trend that’s starting worked just fine in Boston in 2008 when the “Boston Three Party” in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen got together and won a title.

Judge Chris: Mixin’ it up

Keith and Andrew should think outside of the box for once.  There are always problems with a new system.  You have to have time to work out the kinks and personalities of all-star players. But Keith showed more attention to detail, so hats off to beating the one and only Girl Talk fan in the office.  John took the road less taken.

Past all-star compilations only comprised of two stars like Shaq and Kobe or Jordan and Pippen.  Inserting a third member into the mix will not only cause confusion, but will slow the transitional process.  The party in Boston did not get the job done, so do your homework.  I am all for the entertainment, but do not think that “LCD” will be bringing home a championship home to South Beach.


John put it down, so he gets the win. Andrew and Keith’s argument were circling a greater point that John hit with a hammer.


So when does football season start?

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