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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Staff Editorial

UH students, alumni, you truly are The Pride

Wow, what a season opener! Robertson Stadium was a sight to see this weekend, overflowing with students who were all excited to see what Cougar football is all about. And this was just the first taste. We’ve got plenty of other games in which we’ll strut our stuff.

Last year, on almost a weekly basis, we at The Daily Cougar would run staff editorials, calling out fair-weather fans who wouldn’t show up to a lot of the games as well as our inability to sellout Robertson Stadium.

But on Saturday, the UH student body proved us wrong, and we’ve never been so pleased to retract a statement.

Next week, the Cougars take on the University of Texas at El Paso, and we’ve got the home field advantage again. Perhaps even more importantly, the game will be televised on ESPN. Now, we’re proud of our boys regardless of whether they’re represented in the Associated Press Top 25, but next weekend, we’ll have yet another opportunity to show the nation that the Cougars are a force to be reckoned with. So let’s not give the ESPN commentators (or any UT fans) a chance to say we don’t have school spirit, that we don’t support our sports programs, that UH is “just a commuter school,” or that the Cougars are overrated — because that’s just not the case, and we need to show the nation that.

With a winning football team, we have the opportunity to showcase not only our phenomenal athletics program; we also have the opportunity to showcase UH in all its greatness as an up-and-coming college, abounding with excellent academic programs along with the most diverse student body in the nation.

It’s so much more than football, folks. And we know you know that. So let’s make a date of it, yeah? Friday night at Robertson Stadium, and we’ll wear red so you know who we are. You should probably wear red, too. Oh, and don’t forget your red paint.

In other news, Rice almost upset the Longhorns, and didn’t we beat the Owls 73-14 last year? Just something to think about.

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