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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Staff Editorial

Jones’ barbecue of Quran won’t accomplish anything

As if the heated and ongoing debates surrounding the Ground Zero mosque didn’t generate enough controversy, Florida pastor Terry Jones is planning to add fuel to the fire by burning a few Qurans this Sept. 11. And despite national opposition of the idea and even the strong discouragement by Gen. David H. Petraeus, Jones is dead-set on throwing the books into a campfire so he and his absurd disciples can sing “Kumbayah.”

There’s little anyone could do to stop Jones from committing his childish “Gah, let’s burn ’em and show ’em who’s boss” act, as the First Amendment protects both Islam and America haters alike. Petraeus had our soldiers in mind when he urged the Dove World Outreach Center pastor to quit his shenanigans. Petraeus stated that the message communicated by Jones can further endanger the lives of our soldiers overseas and evoke global violence. The most we could do now is send Jones a little “F*** You!” message in hopes his actions wouldn’t entirely degrade the image of Americans internationally. Hey Cee Lo, mind if we modify the lyrics to your song?

Above all, the important concept here is to understand that burning the Quran won’t accomplish anything. But we’re sure most of us understand that already. See, the one sentiment shared by Americans (including Jones) is that everyone wants radical Islamic terrorists to perish. While that’s agreeable in just about all aspects, Jones fails to realize that the Quran is read and venerated by more than just radical Islamists. The Quran is actually regarded as the holy book by all followers of Islamic faith. Oh, and almost all Muslims just happen to be peace-loving individuals. The more you know, Terry Jones!

Really though, just because American flags are being torched overseas doesn’t mean any American should respond in the same manner. Issues such as these don’t cool off when fire is literally fought with fire. Let the leaders duke it out with a little diplomacy. Maybe they can engage in more peace talks. And maybe the media can stop exploiting the issue any further. Yeah, we’ll shut up now.

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