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Friday, September 22, 2023

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Going to movies alone not such a bad thing

I’ve never really had a problem with going to movies by myself. It always seemed like a good way to get away from my responsibilities for a little bit. To be honest, I didn’t really think that it was weird until I was dating someone and she asked me why I didn’t answer my phone.

When I explained that I was in a movie, she didn’t ask me what I saw. Instead, she asked me who I went with. When I told her that I was by myself, she gave a look of silent confusion and obvious disapproval. This has been a look that most women I’ve dated have mastered rather quickly.

So, that’s the reason this Cougar Sutra series on being single will start with going to the movies. It’s also because the first date that most people have gone on is to go catch a flick.

It was certainly my first foray into the world of dating. For some strange reason, it seems much easier to ask someone to the movies, rather than actually asking them on a date.

I have heard that horror movies make for great date movies (this is wrong). Because of this misapprehension on my part, the first date that I ever went on was the go see “Saw”. Now, I showered and cleaned my car before I picked her up.  At about half way through the movie, I realized that I forgot to put on deodorant. If you’re going to use the pink hand soap that can be found in most public bathrooms, there is something that you should know: First, it doesn’t mask the smell of body odor. Instead, you get two competing smells. Next, it leaves a soapy circle around your armpits. Finally, the situation that you’ve just caused is far worse than being a little smelly.

I spent the rest of my date with my arms crossed and her asking me what was wrong.  If the same mistake were to happen today, I would admit my mistake right off the bat. It is a lot easier to laugh at stupidity than to hide embarrassment.

That was my first date. Now, I’ve been to the movies with different girls. I’ve learned that no matter what, always put on deodorant before a date, and that movies make for a really bad date. If you’re going to the movies on the first date, you’ve already established yourself as unoriginal. Save that for date five when you really have no idea what to do next.

If you’re going to be a good single person, you need to learn how to do things by yourself. If you don’t get used to going alone, you are going to be a plague on all of your friends any time you want to go see something they don’t want to see.

My advice is don’t go to movies to be entertained, but instead go so you can get away from all the issues in your life. You can go see whatever you want and smell however you want.

A little extra advice; I strongly suggest going to the movies when fewer people will be there. It is also probably best to stay away from children’s movies. If you really want to get away, it’s probably best not to do it somewhere crowded and looking a little creepy.

Please share your first date experiences by sending them to [email protected].


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