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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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What a No.1 movie could buy

James Cameron’s Avatar is back, and the movie has grossed $2,766,046,139 according to Box Office Mojo. That leaves people who saw the movie asking the question, “What would I do with Avatar money?”

If you did have this kind of money, you could do a lot more than be on the cover of Forbes magazine, and you probably wouldn’t have to “smile next to Oprah and the Queen.”

You couldn’t fix the effects of Katrina — that’s $125 billion, according to USA Today — or fix the U.S. national debt — a really large number (in the trillions) that will be an even bigger number by the time that this prints. However, there are still a lot of interesting things you could do with Avatar money.

Want to pay for college? The UH website states, “The average cost for 12 to 15 hours ranges from $2,500 to $3,000.” If you go with $3,000, you could pay for 922,015 semesters of college. If you only attend for fall and spring semesters, you would be in school for 461,007 years of college, or put 115,251 students to school for four years. The University currently only has about 31,000 students.

There also are more options than just expanding people’s education. There is toilet paper, and lots of it. The list price for six jumbo rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft is $21.98. That equals 125,840,000 packages, totalling 755,040,000 rolls of toilet paper. Each roll contains 250 two-ply sheets at 4.5 in. a sheet — that is 13.4 million miles of toilet paper. You could almost go around the Earth twice with a nice toilet paper belt.

Now, if you just want to hire a worker for minimum wage in Texas ($7.25 per hour), you could employ that person for 43,550 years — non-stop.

Of course, with such a phenomenal amount of money, the list could go on and on. After all, we are talking billions and not just simple millions. The makers of the original Avatar are planning to use some of that for Avatar 2. And the national debt keeps mounting up.


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