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Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Swing project leaves students curious

Students may have curiously passed by the unexplained new red swing hanging on tree branches in between the Moores School of Music and the Fine Arts Building. The swing is actually part of a new project.

Back in 2007 in Austin, a new invention was formed — the Red Swing Project. The project was intentionally created to gain people’s curiosity by randomly hanging red swings in different places all over the world.

Currently there are 95 red swings through out the world, including the U.S., India, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, France, Spain and Portugal.

Sociology freshman Amanda Sanchez said she thinks it’s an outstanding idea.

“It is not every day you see a red swing on a college campus,” she said.

Eventually most of the swings do get cut down, but the point of the project is not to have the swings stay there forever, but the overall effect it has on people while there.

“I like to sit on the swing and read a book; it makes me feel like a kid again,” Sanchez said. “I think that the swing brings a different vibe to UH.”

Not everyone is grasping the message the project is trying to relay.

“I personally do not get the point of hanging a red swing around random places,” Junior Charles Newton said. “I never see anybody on the swing, or even attempt to sit on it.”

English major Nicole Cannon said it isn’t her first time hearing about the group. She said she has heard about people cutting down the swing after it is anonymously placed.

“I think (that is) not right,” she said. “To you it may just be a swing, but for someone else it may bring joy and a sense of peace to just sit on one and drift off into space.”

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