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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Staff Editorial

Don’t ask a Republican to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Senate Republicans shot down a repeal to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Tuesday and voted unanimously against lifting the ban on those who are openly gay from serving in the military. The vote was a slap in the face to gay rights groups who viewed the legislation as a hopeful major step in advancing their cause. Many are expecting Democrats to lose seats in the next congressional election, and that in turn could cause the push to abolish DADT to become an even more difficult task.

DADT has been around for 17 years, and apparently things have not changed — and don’t seem to be changing any time soon. And while the Daily Cougar staff is comprised of members who associate themselves as both Democrat and Republican (among Libertarians, neutrals and those of us who just flat out don’t give a flying flip about politics), it’s safe to say that most of the staff thinks ill of DADT.

Look, part of what makes America strong is its defense, and most of the world recognizes the strength of the American military. It is because of this that our soldiers feel proud for serving and are revered as heroes by the rest of us.

Nonetheless, the military is always recruiting, and every individual who desires to serve the country should be granted the right, regardless of sexual orientation.

The concept that sexual orientation is even of importance in the military is absurd. What’s the argument, a gay guy wouldn’t be able to properly operate his gun?

In short, it shouldn’t matter — and “don’t ask, don’t tell” needs to be replaced with “don’t ask because it’s none of your business anyway.”

As for the irrational homophobes who argue that their openly gay colleagues in the military might just violate them in inappropriate ways, it’s suggested that they review the data in sexual harassment for women in the military. Yeah, bad soldiers who break the rules get discharged all the same, gay or straight.

Wake up, DADT advocates. We’ll give you a second to get your head on straight and pick up a rational thought or two for once.

  • Jessica Balkovich

    I am a WI mom of 3 and found your post to be truly ignorant. Gay and Lesbian people are Americans and deserve to share the same rights. This 2010 ruling shows the amount of stupidity and hate people spew towards our EQUALS over their sexuality. Your article sickens me that people REALLY "think" that way. Keep on hatin', you'll meet your maker someday and you will be judged for that.

  • JackGonzo

    Jessica I believe you misread the article. They are bashing those who are not for equal rights and wanting to keep DADT not vice versa.

  • Darrin Jefferies

    Uh Oh! Sounds like Jessica read the second paragraph and started scribbling an "ignorant" comment. You can't be taken seriously when you refuse to read the entire article and, in your case, sit and ponder the meaning. Moreover; you can't be taken seriously when you use words like "hatin". Use the brain you've been given and not the sound bites news stations gave you.

  • Zed

    Funny, you'd think the Daily Cougar would've actually brushed up on their information before running their grotty trap, oh wait it's the Daily Cougar we're talking about here. Silly me.

    DADT was a rider on a defense bill alongside the DREAM Act and not actually voted upon as is. You want to complain about someone complain about the left for being such spineless cowards (then again look who I'm talking about) to not outright just have them vote on separate bills specifically for DADT and the DREAM Act. If you guys and gals were so smart as you try to have the rest of us perceive you as you'd realize no one in the right is going to willingly vote for amnesty right now for various reasons.

    So whos to blame? As I said that would be the left for not having the guts and testicular fortitude to have both DADT and the DREAM Act voted upon at face value instead of trying to sneak them onto a defense bill like the conniving and slimey twits that they are. End of discussion, once again the Daily Cougar fails to post actual factual NEWS.

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