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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Letters to the Editor

Sweatshops are anything but trivial

I read The Daily Cougar’s editorial entitled, “Progress in fight against sweatshops trivial.” In this article, the journalist writes about how Knights Apparel has made great strides in raising salaries for the workers, so concerned students can now rest easy.

First of all, while it is good that Knights Apparel is now paying their workers wages that they can live on, it is not a stride but a step.

But this is only one factory. What about all the other factories that pay workers next to nothing for long hours, prevent them from asking for more rights, and demand that they work in awful conditions?

Instead of The Daily Cougar saying you can relax because everything is fine, it should have encouraged us to ask ourselves how we can convince other companies to follow Knights Apparel.

The writer titles the article as, “Progress in fight against sweatshops trivial;” I, among many others, strongly disagree. At the Fair Labor Action Committee (FLAC) we know there is no quick fix for sweatshops, and that it will be difficult to rid the world of slave wages in our lifetime.

Does this mean we should give up? Absolutely not.

There are many social evils that people fight against their entire lives, such as racism, sexism, religious discrimination, and human trafficking. Does The Daily Cougar think that fighting against these evils is trivial, too? We should always fight for basic rights that human beings deserve.

Susan McGregor is an English literature major.

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