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Monday, October 19, 2020

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Study abroad director encourages student participation

Studying abroad isn’t just a chance to travel. It’s an open opportunity for students, and it carries rewards after the college years end.

“There are things you learn in life only by observing another culture,” Director of the study abroad office Parul Fernandes said at a general meeting. “Teachers give knowledge and make you intelligent, but how do you become intellectuals and become critical thinkers?”

Fernandes explained to student attendees that while being abroad even for a short amount of time, they experience life in another culture. Students also develop invaluable interpersonal skills, cross cultural skills and possibly bi-lingual skills, which are impressive additions to their resume.

“It gives you a chance to grow and become a survivor,” he said.

Students wishing to study abroad can choose from a nearly limitless list of countries to visit. There are several class options one can attend and the credits students earn while abroad are transferable.

“You can take foreign language classes, as well as others such as business, biology, math, literature, history — whatever you want,” Fernandes said. “Jobs are looking for that kind of experience now.”

There are numerous programs in affiliation with UH and students have the option of paying out of pocket, receiving financial aid, grants or scholarships for funding their study abroad experience. Students can also choose programs that offer week long trips, to year long trips.

“It’s an investment in yourself, your future, your job and who you are going to become,” Fernandes said. “Nothing is impossible with the skills you’ve got.”

The study abroad office is committed to each student’s process from start to finish. The staff handles student class registration, transfer of credits, pre-departure orientation, re-entry interviews and assisting students in any additional information needed along the way.

For more information, visit the study abroad office or

“Think of this office as a place to get all the information you need to study abroad,” Fernandes said. “The world is bigger than jumping from just one continent to another.”

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