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Monday, September 25, 2023

Student Government

SGA senators seek co-sponsor for CLASS event

Senators from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences are asking the Student Government Association to help sponsor an inaugural event designed to improve the college’s visibility.

CLASS senator Mike Nguyen worked with CLASS students Ryan Johnson and Julian Jimenez to organize the Instant CLASSic, which aims to unite the various schools and bring students together to support the college.

“The Instant CLASSic shall improve the visibility, image, and reputation of (CLASS) through advertising and promotion,” the proposed SGA resolution reads.

Plans for the event are still being worked out but, as of Friday, 22 different departments and programs within CLASS have signed up to participate in the fair. Each department or program is expected to add something different to the event to showcase its particular part of CLASS.

Jimenez, a creative writing and print journalism senior, said he originally thought the project was too big, but later was convinced of its merits.

“I reluctantly joined them in a meeting with the dean to introduce the idea, expecting it to get shut down,” Jimenez said. “But when Dean (John) Roberts offered his wholehearted support, I realized that not only was this feasible, but something that the school desperately needed.”

CLASS is the largest college at UH and all students are required to take 27 credits of classes that fall inside CLASS as part of their general education courses.

In spite of this, it is one of the only colleges on campus that does not have a special event to energize its students and promote its programs.

“It was our love and pride of our college, in what it is and what it can be, that motivated us,” Nguyen said.

“We three made a promise to give more than 100% to put this event together.”

Nguyen, a history senior, introduced the SGA Resolution to Support the Instant CLASSic at the Sept. 15 SGA meeting.

Jimenez said they are looking for SGA’s sponsorship because of the extra publicity and legitimacy it will bring to the event. The bill specifically excludes any financial support from SGA, so it will not strain the association’s already budgeted funds.

“By getting (SGA’s) official support on the Instant CLASSic, it will help show that this is a true-blooded, University of Houston tradition that we’re starting, not some one year fluke,” Jimenez said.

The proposed legislation is scheduled for a vote at SGA’s Sept. 29th meeting, just one day before Nguyen’s birthday.

“Once this legislation passes, the greatest present for me will be to give something to my fellow CLASS students,” Nguyen said.

The Instant CLASSic is scheduled to take place in the Cullen Family Plaza outside the E. Cullen building on Oct. 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Come on out. Bring your friends. We want people to see what the College of Liberal Arts is all about, and the more people that come, the better,” Jimenez said.

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