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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Staff Editorial

Lawmakers should be more cautious with the national wallet

Congress passed a $42 billion bill last week in hopes of stimulating the economy by means of lending small businesses a hand. This week, the House of Representatives approved a $7.2 billion bill aimed at helping injured and affected emergency workers during the Sept. 11 attacks.

Let’s just cut straight through cattle waste and get down to brass tacks. What the Obama administration is doing is understandable, despite being obviously controversial. And while the President has performed a fine job of convincing Americans that the spend-to-earn tactics are going to pave way for the future of the American economy, several have begun to question these methods. We’re not just talking about the die-hard Republicans, either.

These recently approved bills are a bold move, especially considering the national debt and the history of pricey bills approved since President Barack Obama was inaugurated into office. At this point, it doesn’t take a politically savvy individual to take notice and glance twice at what all is happening.

Now, hold on a second before you get ahead of us. We’re not speaking out against the recent bill which seeks to provide medical benefits and assistance to those who have risked their own lives to save other’s on that tragic day in 2001. Yes, $7.2 billion is steep, but hard work and compassion is compensated for, and that’s understood.

No, let’s focus on the other more expensive purchases by the government that have been added to the list. Where exactly does the Obama administration figure it can obtain the funds to launch these measures?

Whether the bills have potential to do Americans good is questionable, but we’re not here to argue that at the moment. All we are urging is that, just like individuals of this country, lawmakers should think twice before whipping out the national wallet. It doesn’t matter what the brainy experts are saying; a recession does not simply end after a day.

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