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Thursday, September 21, 2023


‘Jackass 3D’ hits the big screen

As a college journalist, it’s really fun to write about “Jackass 3D.” It’s probably the only time when writing for The Daily Cougar, that you can use penis and helicopter in the same sentence, let alone the same story.

The “Jackass” logo has its 3D glasses on — if you make it to the movie you can, too. | Paramount Pictures

Other things that you wouldn’t normally be able to say are ball-smacking good time or poop volcano.

Going through the recordings of the interviews recently conducted with the stars and transcribing them for articles, there were things that were said that a college newspaper only wishes it could print.

Most of these quotes come from the back-and-forth between Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Wee Man and Preston Lacy, and is reminiscent of sitting around with friends than an actual interview with famous folks.

They all take their jabs at McGhehey. Most of the ribbing is centered on him being incredibly irritating. But even when they’re making fun of one another, there is a feel of camaraderie.

As a matter of fact, there is so much of this gunshot fast sniping that it is really hard to pull out one quote that someone said. Everything is so engrained in what the other person just talked about.

All this makes it surprising to learn that they don’t live right next door to each other. There is no block in Los Angeles where the Jackass characters live, running around blowing up each other’s mail boxes. The reality is that they live apart from one another.

“I hadn’t been around these guys in a long time. I didn’t know if we still mixed together, and I didn’t know if I had anything left in me. I had been relaxing in Pennsylvania. But as soon as we started filming, I was way wrong. I had more fun on this movie,” Dunn said.

Early in the production, each member said they had their reservations about filming in 3D.

“I didn’t like the idea; I don’t like much 3D,” said Dunn.

“If there is way to think negatively about something, Ryan will figure it out,” England said.

“3D. There just haven’t really been any good movies in 3D,” McGhehey said.

In this recent year, there already has been too much discussion about movies being made into 3D. The simple fact is, “Jackass 3D” does it better than most. What really makes the movie worth seeing is when they do the slow motion in 3D and you can see the pain of what’s going on.

What is more essential is what they’re doing. They make the audience laugh with every stupid thing they do.

“I never had the yearning to hurt myself. I just have the yearning to making people laugh. So whatever tools I have to make someone laugh, I use them. That just happens to be hurting myself,” Dunn said.

McGhehey was one of the members who had to make frequent visits to the hospital.

“Unfortunately, he didn’t put a request in to fix that face in any of the surgeries,” Dunn said.

With the stops at the hospital, it is hard to imagine the stars wanting anything that they did to get edited out of the movie.

“The hardest part about making the movie was editing the movie. It’s so hard because everyone gets so tied to certain bits … There is definitely enough to make another movie,” Dunn said.

“When something of yours personally gets cut, it’s a bummer, but if it makes for a better movie then it’s worth it,” McGhehey said.

As everyone left the room, no one limped away. That is a crucial element to the movies and the television show that appeared on MTV. They all walked away from all of the sophomoric gags; they all live to see it to the next movie.

With Jackass 3D, you get what you’re expecting to see. The movie is gross and at times just plain disturbing. It is hard to blame the characters or to give them a negative review because they do what you expect them to do. That is an accomplishment that movies really haven’t been doing lately.

It’s not the best film made this year, but it is a great time. “Jackass 3D” is a great trip down memory lane that the group takes everyone on. They’ve been a part of our lives for 10 years now, and it feels like we’ve all grown up with them.

For some viewers, it gave us the added bravery to take risk into our hands and ignore the posted warnings at the beginning of the show.

If not, then they at least gave the audience a good laugh. When asked about what they would be doing if not for “Jackass,” Dave England quickly responded, “But we are, why ask?”

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