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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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GLOBAL set to host 2nd annual prom

Students who were not allowed to attend their high school prom with their same sex partners will be able to at the UH 2nd Annual Rainbow Prom hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organization on Saturday at the Cougar Den in the University Center.

“Our last rainbow prom was a huge success,” history senior and PR Officer for GLOBAL Cody D. McGaughey said. “I’m expecting that this one will be an even greater success, thanks to a positive reputation, better planning, funding and greater organization.”

Though the GLOBAL organization members did play a big part in creating this and last year’s prom, the current president — Kirk Loftin — is really the brains behind the whole event, McGaughey said.

“Kirk came up with the concept of having a rainbow prom,” he said. “He diligently pushed for its execution last year and upon seeing our success, he queried our members, and decided that our prom would become an annual event.”

Students at UH are in favor for the prom to become a yearly event too.

“I can’t wait to attend the Rainbow Prom, it sounds like a blast,” PR junior Tali Wald said. “I have a lot of friends and some family who are gay, so of course I support it.”

Wald said that the prom will also help people cope with the recent suicide at Rutgers University.

“People should be free to express themselves in anyway they see fit,” Wald said. “After what happened to the Rutgers student, people who attend the prom will prove that there is still hope and that not everyone is full of so much hate.”

Wald, along with the other students who will be attending Saturday’s prom, will be bringing both support and awareness to other schools that do not allow same sex couples to have a prom night to remember.

“It’s lamentable that a rainbow prom is even necessary,” McGaughey said. “However, until all high schools and middle schools no longer discriminate against their students on the basis of sexual preference or identity, I would at least approve of having a prom for those who have to miss out due to social stigma.”

GLOBAL students encourage anyone to attend, no matter their sexual orientation.

“This event is a chance to experience a moment that is often denied to students in high school or middle school,” McGaughey said. “We (GLOBAL) will do all in our power to make them feel welcomed, secured and able to celebrate themselves.”

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