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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Students speak on effects of technology

A majority of college students have demanding work and school schedules, but regardless, staying up-to-date with news is a priority.

As the age of technology quickly soars, students consider using computers or television to obtain their daily news.

UH student Treveon Roseberry said that being informed about worldwide and local news is as important as his next exam.

“I watch the news as much as I can,” Roseberry said. “I am always current with things that are going on in the world financially, domestically and abroad.”

Roseberry receives the majority of his news from television stations such as CNN, CSPAN and local channels because of the convenience.

“The main source of my news is mostly television,” Roseberry said. “I think that tangible newspapers are a dying art, which is why we have seen a surge of online newspapers such as the New York Times, which happens to be on my homepage browser.”

However, business freshman Steve Johnson said that checking the news frequently while being a full-time student isn’t easy for him, and when he does, he uses the newer sources.

“I really don’t watch too much news because I’m always busy with my work and school,” Johnson said. “The only chance I really do get to listen to the news is in my car. Instead of reading a newspaper or watching the news on television, I like to listen to the news on the radio more so.”

Other students like chemical engineering second year graduate Mengting Yu still prefers the original source of news — print newspapers.

“I watch MSNBC in the morning and I read the newspaper (referring to The Daily Cougar) about twice a week,” Yu said. “My main focus when I watch the news is primarily about jobs, breaking news but mostly entertainment news.

“When I look for news on the Internet I use,” Yu said. “It’s a Chinese website that I use a lot.”

Advertising senior Vanessa Hammands said she uses The Daily Cougar for news, coupons and deals.

Many students on campus keep up with international news through foreign sources.

Regardless of their source preference, most students agreed that it’s important to maintain a habit to read or watch the news.

“Being up to date with current events is absolutely a necessity,” Roseberry said. “With the 7 million people that occupy this planet, someone or something that has made news is going to affect you.”

Additional reporting provided by Jessel Parra, Karisha Lucero and Henok Tekeste.

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