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Sunday, September 24, 2023


Scantily clad Halloween costumes shouldn’t pose problem

By now, several members of our fine student body may already be aware that Halloween is just around the corner.

And you guys know what that means. Trick-or-treating! Well, for the kids anyway.

But we as college students are not kids anymore —not technically — or at the very least, not whilst sober.

Halloween used to be a holiday of innocence for me. It was a time where a trip to the costume store would transform me into a little vampire proceeded by bumming treats off my neighbors — and then all of my friends’ neighbors as well.

Through my years of adolescence, this tradition varied in increasingly mischievous ways.

Then at some point in a teenager’s life, trick-or-treating is replaced almost entirely in favor of activities average college students regard as costume parties.

Let’s talk about these costume parties for a moment.

First things first; costume parties don’t afford us nearly as much enjoyment as trick-or-treating did in our years of youth.

Then again, maybe the lame costume parties from experience are not nearly as cool as some of the ones the majority of college students attend.

Let’s get to the point of this article; costumes, specifically women’s costumes — more specifically, women in scantily clad costumes.

It seems as if partygoers of the female gender outdo one another every single year with more outrageous costumes.

And it’s quite a feat, considering the amount of fabric on these costumes decreases just as much annually (assuming there is fabric at all.)

The question is, why are women upset at the amount of attention they garner, primarily from men, as a result of the articles of clothing, or lack thereof, they wear?

Any type of costume worn during Halloween — whether extravagant or atrocious — is fine; but it’s nonsensical to think attention is but a byproduct of dressing conspicuously.

It’s safe to say that men receive the attention as a product of their costumes, even if nonsexual in nature, shamelessly and without batting an eye while many women, albeit sexual in nature, receive them with disgust.

For the women out there, if attention is not your goal for the weekend, you may have to consider a more conservative outfit.

For the women who are feeling a little more provocative, accept the catcalls and whistles as nothing more than a sign of approval by, if not yours truly, gentlemen who share similar sentiments.

Newton Liu is a communications junior and may be reached at [email protected].

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