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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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UH students take stroll through haunted house

Most students have this preconceived notion that any activity presented by a University — let alone a haunted house — will more than likely be cheesy and comedic rather than frightening.

However, last Thursday evening, the Campus Recreational and Wellness Center accommodated many students anticipating a cheap scare as they waited in line for the event.

From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Recreation Center challenged UH students to endure the scariest two to five minutes they would ever experience on a college campus.

The house was free if students remembered to bring one canned good as a donation. To make the anticipation even greater, students were required to sign a safety waiver before they were allowed in.

As we stood in line — due to a delay in the program’s start — the staff members retained everyone’s attention by openly teaching the choreography from Michael Jackson’s epic music video “Thriller,” led by one of the school’s Zumba instructors.

Once a staff member signaled the OK for the event to start, all eyes shifted towards the host.

Everyone was instructed to enter in groups of six to heighten the fear of being isolated in such a frightening environment.

Six by six we entered the doors of the elevators that would transport us to a room that manifested our deepest, darkest fears.

Once we stepped foot inside what appeared to be an old warehouse comprised of possessed beings, our pupils dilated from exposure to pure darkness.

Each student tugged on the other as if they expected the person to morph into a safe haven, all while letting out innumerable screams as they encountered strange people crawling out of all corners of the room.

The horror music seeping out of the speakers created an atmosphere that reinforced a reaction of fear.

One of the costume-wearing creatures felt so tickled by student feedback that it gradually shifted an attempt to scare into an opportunity for laughter.

The haunted house was definitely scary and was a momentous experience that will induce laughter years from now.

The artists who put on the event did a remarkable job with the transformation and designing of the recreational center, making it hard to believe that creative inspiration could alter a room so simple into a true house of horror.

The event coordinators deserved two thumbs up for originality, boldness and putting on an event that can be very vulnerable to criticism.

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