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Friday, September 29, 2023


More students returning home after graduation

You throw it and it comes right back. Most people are aware of what boomerangs are and though they are probably considered ancient, they are more relevant to the current generation than many realize.

The term “boomerangers” has been given to young people who are graduating from college and returning home to live with their parents.

It is easy to blame the high percentage of “boomerangers” on a struggling economy, or the person currently occupying the White House, but maybe this generation of “boomerangers” is just smarter about finances and making sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

The dangers of over spending and living beyond our means is something this generation has been made aware of, along with warnings about credit cards and dropping money on frivolous items. The effects of what luxurious spending has done to the current economy have also been witnessed by this generation.

UH graduate El Love said that becoming a “boomeranger” was the wiser decision for him.

“I actually moved back home before my senior year because I had to decide whether I’d live on campus the final year or get a car. I went with the car,” Love said. “I remain at home because the economy isn’t in its best shape, and finding a job hasn’t been the easiest thing.”

Love said tha moving back home allows him to focus on finding a job without worrying about next month’s rent or the light bill.

“Even though I’m still a dependent, I take on all of my responsibilities. I generally make my own food, clean my own clothes, drive myself to work, etc. I believe moving back home is helping me take a step forward,” Love said.

Love does various contract jobs while still applying for stable jobs.

“I don’t have to worry about financial stability just yet; I still depend on my parents. I would like to leave home as soon as I can support myself financially. That means finding a decent job, saving some money, and figuring out where exactly to live,” Love said. “My goal is to be out of the house by March of 2011.”

College graduates returning home have become a common interest to companies who cater to that age range, and the companies find it interesting that many students are making a conscious decision to go back home.

CollegeGrad.com is a job search website designed to help college graduates find work in a weak economy.

According to a poll on the website, “Among 2009 US college graduates, 80 percent moved back home with their parents after graduation, up from 77 percent in 2008, 73 percent in 2007 and 67 percent in 2006.”

CollegeGrad.com Director of Marketing and PR Adeola Ogunwole gave her views on why so many graduates are returning home.

“Many factors are responsible for the trend of recent graduates moving back in with their parents,” said Ogunwole. “The economy is tough right now. Every year, living independently becomes more expensive and entry level jobs become more competitive.”

For whatever reason, college graduates are returning home. Some might say this generation is making a smarter decision by going home to gain stability rather than accumulating more debt on top of student loans just for a slice of independence.

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