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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Staff Editorial

Shoplifting is a crime — but so is killing someone

The D&Q Mini Mart on Richmond is a place most people know as a treasure chest for beer runs.

Last Sunday, one man’s beer run provided a lesson that proved fatal for one individual and likely long-lasting for the shop owner and community.

Theft is something that most college students are familiar with in some way or another. Stolen textbooks are a common experience for most college students, and if that student is lucky, this sums up their theft experiences.

For one shop owner, a stolen case of beer was deathly significant. On Sunday night, a 36-year-old man and his wife entered the mini mart and shoplifted beer.

The storeowner, who was aware of the shoplifters, confronted them in front of the store. A brief struggle took place; it ended with the shop owner stabbing the shoplifter before the couple fled from the scene.

According to reports from the Houston Chronicle, the shoplifting couple ran to a gas station down the street where they called for medical aid. The stabbed shoplifter was rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he later died.

The events that took place on Sunday represent a common theme in Texas; self-defense is king. Taking action to prevent crimes and wrongdoings is our right when it comes to our personal property, but we must keep in mind the potential outcomes.

The owner of the mini mart has yet to be charged with any crime, but the case is still under investigation.

The shop owner may have opened himself up to charges of murder in criminal or civil court, all because of some stolen beer. Despite charges that may or not be filed, the shop owner will never be able to ditch the death he caused.

Being stolen from is a terrible experience, but death is even worse. No beer, television or car is worth the life of another human being, and as reasonable people, we must remember that.

There is a fine line between fighting for your life and fighting to prove a point.

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