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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Staff Editorial

Movie studios don’t care about books, just money

Both the Twilight and the Harry Potter movie sagas are splitting their final chapters into two movies. So if you were hoping to get your final fix, know that you have at least another year before you’re dragged out to see the climax of Bella and Edward’s glitter-filled romance.

Even the people who go crazy for this series have to care, because it is kind of ridiculous to think they need another movie to do either Harry Potter or Twilight’s finale justice.

Harry Potter’s films are only adaptations from the books — obviously there are key plot elements left out in each novel’s screen equivalent. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s something that has to be done to make the movie watchable.

Imagine if Lord of the Rings had as much singing in the movie as there was in the book. It would make for a terrible movie, and everyone knows that.

Series endings aren’t being split into two parts because the movie studio is worried about the storyline; they’re worried about the bottom line — and the bottom line is money. It would be nice to think that these artistic endeavors had more to do with that, but really they don’t.

There is just so much revenue to be made from these products that the idea of them coming to an end could send any scared executive running for their job. When these sagas take to the screen, they’re bringing much more than just what’s on the reel — they’re bringing merchandise, increased book sales and studio prestige with them.

On the Hot Topic, website they have 145 items for Twilight — that’s eight web pages of nothing but Twilight. It’s just too much to squeeze out of one thing. Movies are meant to be fun, and what they’ve done is profit off of the one group that cares about them — their fans. While Twilight and Harry Potter might not be the best additions ever made to the literary community, they’re not the worst.

But what they managed to do is turn these products into a giant fad, nothing more. It’s more unappealing to think that as soon as the movies are over they’ll be looking for the next thing.

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