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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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UH trading card program encourages campus activities

Students that are dedicated to collecting UH trading cards are also collecting free prizes — some are even receiving

Freshman Bethel Glumac collected a full deck of UH trading cards, earning a $1,000 scholarship. The program is offereing a total of 35 scholarships to students. | Jack Wehman/The Daily Cougar


No essay writing or certain GPA is required. The only requirement is that a student collects all the cards.

“I heard about this opportunity from heavy advertising on campus at my freshman orientation and I started to collect after the first day of the semester,” media production freshman Bethel Glumac said.

Glumac is the second and most recent student of the Fall 2010 semester to win the $1,000 scholarship. Pharmaceutical science senior Anthony Vu won the scholarship in mid-October.

“I think this was a really good chance for other students and myself to become aware and get involved with things on campus,” Glumac said.

Students can collect the cards at various events on campus, from instructional seminars to softball games to poetry readings in the library.

Besides attending the many campus events, a key to gaining cards that are needed is meeting up with other students to trade cards.

“I received about a quarter of my cards through trading. I don’t think I was as active in trading as other people, because I really wanted to attend many of the events,” Glumac said. “When I did trade, though, it really simplified the process, especially since I eventually had so many extra cards to trade off.”

UH chemistry professor Simon Bott developed the trading card program last fall.

“We had 12 people win the scholarship last year, and I want to continue to offer the opportunity for students to win the scholarship and attend events at UH,” Bott said.

Every school year, 35 scholarships of $1,000 are available to any student who obtains all 56 trading cards. The program was reset at the beginning of this semester.

The cards feature important people across the UH community, from esteemed UH faculty, members of the Board of Regents as well as famous alumni.

Besides the scholarship, students can also win prizes. These include UH t-shirts, posters and other items, depending on the number of cards collected.

The cards also inform students of the significance of being involved on campus and having pride in UH.

The list of trading cards and the campus events that provide students with various trading cards are posted and updated at

Bott also created the “Cougar Trading Cards” Facebook group, which he uses to post scholarship winners, notices of raffles for rare cards and places around campus that will offer students cards.

Students can also post inquiries and offers for trading cards on the page.

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