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Monday, October 2, 2023

Staff Editorial

TSA induces fear rather than peace of mind

The Transportation Security Administration is doing pat downs these days, and it’s all over the news. It is a tad intrusive, but does the end justify the means?

It depends how you look at it; if your primary concern is safety, it’s reasonable. But if you’re that worried about staying safe, you probably should stay off airplanes altogether. They can crash, after all, and so can cars. Elevators malfunction from time to time, and every once in a while, someone dies from a bee sting.

Better stay inside folks. It’s a scary world out there, and you’ll be safer if you just stay home all the time.

Let’s get real.

Terrorism is commonly defined as an act that is intended to create fear in the common people, regardless of their religious, political or ideological affiliations. What have the scanners become? Regular Janes and Joes are now frightened by this step taken by airport security and even more fearful of its implications.

Beefing up security makes sense, but let’s make it smarter, not more invasive. With the Internet in full swing, the last thing American citizens need is another way for the entire world to see into their personal lives.

Currently, TSA agents check under breasts, thighs and other private places.

Now everyone — children, women and professionals who have to fly for business — is subjected to an invasive body search.

So even if you’re proud of your body, comfortable with the idea of strangers seeing you naked and feel safer under the ever so watchful eye of the TSA, consider what this could lead to.

“I just don’t think the government has the right to look under people’s clothes with no reasonable cause, (with) no suspicion other than purchasing a plane ticket,” Brian Sodergren, who began an online boycott of the scanners, said. “I’m absolutely amazed by the response. I never would have predicted it. I think it hit a nerve.”

An innumerable amount of people, including some who work as flight attendants or own shops inside the flight stations, are now afraid to even step foot inside an airport, their place of business.

Now that’s terrorism.

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