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Monday, September 25, 2023

Staff Editorial

Student-run organizations should remain student-run

The Daily Cougar has done its best to supply students with information for more than 75 years. Every day, we strive to publish a quality publication fit for a flagship institution. Increased readership — both online and in print — are signs that our efforts are being noticed. Yet, our most difficult task has been dealing with criticism from a single entity.

The Student Government Association has decided, without consulting us (or students for that matter), that the USA Today is what students want to read. SGA also decided that the chair of the Student Publications Committee was unfit for her position. Again, the group did so without consulting the board first. Instead, it went straight to Vice President of Student Affairs Elwyn Lee’s office and complained. Now our bylaws have been challenged.

Excuse us, but we put out a finished product every day, so forgive us for not wanting to waste time talking to no apparent end. Our bylaws need no revisions; our staff is diverse, hardworking and accomplished, and the chair of SPC is doing an exceptional job. Still, we are constantly questioned thoughtlessly — and expected, more or less, to be a compilation of press releases from different organizations. Especially SGA.

Increased readership and feedback seem to point toward our accomplishments, but is it enough? Have we guaranteed two-way communication throughout this entire process? The e-mails, letters and comments we receive would make it seem so, but apparently that’s not enough for the SGA.

So we ask you the students, our readers and our peers, how are we doing? Does the Cougar deserve to be around?

We are always looking for student journalists, and we encourage everyone to spread the word about the great opportunities students have when they write under their own names. Writing for the University newspaper is a resume builder if there ever was one, and the opportunity to have your work published will never again be so readily obtainable. The Cougar is online, and its content is available for accreditation and flagship audits.

So, put bluntly, where’s the beef, SGA?

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