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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Staff Editorial

WikiLeaks: Friend or foe to public knowledge?

As many are aware, whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has been on a roll releasing confidential information regarding a number of matters around the world. And according to its founder, Julian Assange, there are no plans to slow or halt its streak of disseminating safeguarded documents.

Wikileaks sent the media into a frenzy recently by releasing classified material regarding international and foreign relations between various nations. Of course, the controversial website is no stranger to the press. Wikileaks slapped hundreds of thousands war logs onto its servers in October detailing operations in the Iraq War.

A look at its history of leaks reveals much more information which has been radiated in the past. Enough with the background lesson though. More concerning is how Wikileaks is affecting the public.

Critics of Wikileaks have been outraged at its actions. Adversaries of President Barack Obama’s administration have even started to criticize Obama for not intervening or fighting Assange’s machine.

While this controversy is generating plenty of headlines for news publications, is it benefitting Americans?

The method to which Wikileaks obtains all its information is a mystery at times and a subject worthy of leaking by itself. But whether the website has acquired these documents legally or not, it’s generally agreed on that the material is informational and sheds considerable light on political and government matters previously completely withheld to the public.

With documents that could potentially put national security at risk aside, Wikileaks is not doing the American public a disfavor. Sure, it’s not pleasing governments and officials in office, but what is important is that the information is truthful and involves public concern. People have a right to know what’s going on behind closed doors, and despite that these leaks are probably only a glimpse of it, we think Wikileaks is acting in the right direction.

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