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Friday, September 22, 2023

Staff Editorial

Parking tickets don’t seem to help the students

The University clearly doesn’t always have the interest of students in mind. There is clear evidence behind this; the proof lies in the department of Parking and Transportation Services.

Within a span of less than two hours, the department issued more than five tickets to the same few unlucky cars — ticketing some cars more than once in an hour.

Who drove these cars? Well, it just so happened to be students engaging in University-associated activities. Now, here at the editorial board we believe that those who knowingly break University rules should be held responsible for their actions. But what we don’t believe in is picking on those students who are not causing a problem but are contributing to the quality of UH.

This was the case Wednesday night, and many other frustrated students all over campus have also repeatedly brought it to our attention. Another example of the University’s lack of student interests is made clear by their nonexistent sense of urgency when it comes to solving parking problems.

The visitor lot at the front of Lot 16A is almost always out of order. When a visitor arrives at campus and attempts to enter the visitor lot, their $4 is useless because the machine that accepts the toll fee is broken.

Visitors are then left with fewer options, like using the meters along Holman Street or by purchasing another $4 temporary parking pass from the visitor booth located in front of the Alumni and Athletics center.

The visitors then have to compete with the students who are already facing a shortage of parking capacity on campus.

Last night the tickets that were excessively handed out after campus peak hours had ended — at night when temperatures were below freezing — and were a direct assault on students who were doing nothing wrong.

The University needs to address these problems soon. If they don’t, students and visitors will be left with the impression that the employees who distribute these tickets are nothing more than troublemakers who are paid hourly and solely employed for the purpose of generating revenue at the expense of students.

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