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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Meester is one creepy ‘Roommate’

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester stars as Minka Kelly’s bipolar, obsessive counterpart in “The Roommate.” Filmed at Layola Maramount University of Los Angeles and directed by Christen E. Christensen, “The Roommate” is a chilling thriller that had the audience commenting and screaming at unexpected twists in the plot.

The movie was just as good as its trailer — which can’t be said about most suspense films lately. However, it was more entertaining than it was scary. Leighton Meester was very convincing as a deranged freshman, which is in great contrast to her character on “Gossip Girl.” She not only delivered her lines, but delivered them well. Meester proved her range of acting in this film, as she played a very convincing role.

However, Minka Kelly left her character flat and failed to move the audience as an actual person. Though she was believable in acting as any person in that particular situation would, she did so in an empty way and lacked real emotion.

The movie did do well for its $16 million budget in the effects and scenery, but it would have been more thrilling if the more grusome part of the movie were shown rather than implied. The story flowed in a constant manner and didn’t stray, but it didn’t seem to last long enough. Fortunately, however, the editing by Randy Bricker made the story believable. Though the movie itself failed at its purpose of a thriller — despite a little shock here and there — “The Roommate” did well as far as being entertaining.

Though the audience already knew what was going to happen in the story, watching it unfold was interesting to watch, even if it was not as bone-chilling as anticipated. I recommend watching this movie with a roommate — one you’ve been friends with for a while or one you just happen to be stuck with — just to enjoy questioning their motives.

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