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Friday, September 22, 2023

Staff Editorial

Student messes means more moronic work

We could describe to you exactly how each stall in the men’s restroom in the UC-Satellite was defiled Monday by the time the day had ended, but we’ll let you use your imagination.

One of the perks of attending a Tier One university should be pleasant surroundings and a mature student body, yet this sort of behavior seems to exist on campus — and the Satellite bathroom is not even one of the grossest on campus.

There is a motivation for all of our actions. We go to school so that we might learn and be successful in our chosen profession. We brush our teeth to avoid cavities. We eat food because we get hungry.

There are reasons why we do what we do. Why then do we debase our campus? What is the motivation for this sort of behavior?

Leaving the restrooms such a vile mess only creates harder work for our custodial staff. Why would you ever want to make another human’s life more difficult and worse? That is just mean-spirited and immature.

There is no acceptable reason for this sort of behavior. Just because individuals might not be responsible for cleaning the campus does not give them the right to so egregiously defile it.

Pizza Hut boxes, Starbucks cups and Taco Bell wrappers litter the two television viewing areas of the Satellite. How much more effort does it take to clean up after yourself and make your way to a waste basket?

There are hundreds of people employed by the University to beautify our campus, and behavior like this is spitting in the faces of the people who work so hard to do so.

What’s worse is student fees fund much of the clean-up effort. When people trash the Satellite, the UC or anywhere else on campus,they are paying for someone to come clean up after them.

It is not our job to sound like your mother. However, if students cannot throw away trash or keep a bathroom stall clean, then maybe they should not be enrolled at an institution of higher learning.

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